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Joker foundation fund

About me and why

Hello everyone I am Paul Oakley and i've started the Joker Foundation Fund because i am terminal ill with cancer. I would like to give money, time and support to people who have sadly got cancer and repay the way i have been treated. The aim of the foundation is to give to two charities -


Rcdm patient welfare fund                            and                                Teenage Cancer Trust.


A lot of people are wondering, why bother to try and make a difference or waste time when I have only six to twelve months to live, I say why not. Because of my situation I have been lucky to do things people only dream of and my aim is to be able to raise money and help make people with cancer dreams come true. 


May 2013





Jo Oakley

Position - Admin


Annette Oakley

Position - Treasurer

Where to find us:

joker foundation fund 



Charity number for RCDM patient welfare fund is 1131194

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